All poems listed below have 17 lines or more.

Poems from the Internet: You can find just about any poem on the internet and here are a few that the Librarians picked out:

Nash, Ogden
 On a Good Dog
• Children’s Party
Frost, Robert
• Come In
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
• Hymn to the Night
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell
• The Phantom Wooer
Frost Robert
• The Road Not Taken
Paz, Octavio
• Movimiento in Spanish and English
Sandburg, Carl
• Jazz Fantasia
Whitman, Walt
• Oh Captain! My Captain!
Wordsworth, William
• Daffodils
Wylie, Elinor
 Velvet Shoes

The website allpoetry.com and the poemhunter.com have an extensive collection of classic poems, many of which are over 20 lines.