Internet Links:
Find facts about the 21 California Missions on these websites.

The Spanish Missions of California: This site was created by a teacher as part of a CSU Bakersfield Master’s program. It has pages for each individual mission as well as a history of the missions in general. Subjects discussed on the individual mission pages include: “Beginnings of the Mission”, “Location and Geography”, “The Native Americans”, “Architecture and Layout”, “Life at the Mission”, “The End of the Mission Period”, and “Reconstruction and the Mission Today”.

California Missions Resource Center: The “Key Facts by Mission” page of this website has links to brief summaries for each mission. Other pages offer a historical timeline and a map of all the California Missions. The “Ask the Experts” section is essentially an FAQ page, but with the option of submitting additional questions that haven’t already been listed.

The California Missions Trail: This page is hosted by the State of California and gives a short informational blurb about each of the 21 missions.

Calisphere: This site, hosted by the University of California, contains many photographs of the missions. To get to the missions page, find the drop-down menu entitled “California in Transition” and select the California Missions option.

Books and Reference Materials:
Come into the Dixon Public Library for books and reference materials about specific missions. You can put items on hold electronically from your home computer by going to theLibrary Catalog.

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