February is a new month and with it comes a new database, Books24x7 ITPro! 

Books 24x7 ITPro provides on-demand access to recent unabridged content of thousands of IT and technology books and documents. The fully searchable, web-based environment is easily accessible from your desktop. Check out the guides below for further information. 



Why are we no longer subscribing to Safari Books?

We have been experiencing technical and licensing difficulties with Safari over the last few years that the company has not been willing to address.  We feel that Books24x7 will be a better and more consistent option for our customers.


What is Books24x7 ITPro?

The full ITPro Collection is used by hundreds of thousands of technology professionals to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills for immediate results. With the ITPro collection, you get thousands of books, providing both broad and deep coverage of over 100 different technology topics, making ITPro a must-have resource for just-in-time learning. Premier industry publishers, such as Wrox, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft Press, and many more, contribute front-list, best-selling, classic and niche titles. Popular book series, such as The Complete Reference, Inside Out, Bibles and many others provide multifaceted, multi-skilled approaches to topics.


What is included in ITPro?

The ITPro collections includes thousands of titles. New content is added continuously to ensure currency and coverage of developing topics. Browse a listing of the current titles.


Will the Books24x7 ITPro collection be available in the catalog?

Initially, Books24x7 will be offered as a database from the Library’s website.  Once up and running, we will explore adding bibliographic records for the ITPro collection titles and videos into the catalog so they can be searched and accessed from within our catalog as well.


Are the books downloadable?

Due to publisher copyright requirements downloading books is not allowed.


Adapted from Solano County Library's website